Candi's Rebel Readers

Wondering if you are a Candi Silk Rebel Reader? Here’s how you can tell.

If you enjoy exercising your freedom to read anything, anytime, anywhere, you are definitely a Rebel Reader. And I’d love to include you in my growing list of elite readers, and give you a FREE copy of the Candi Silk Kick-Starter Erotica Library.

1898143_620018641401385_1396129941_n You see, if you enjoy reading Candi Silk’s stories, you’re no ordinary reader. You’re a true Rebel Reader. You’re a breakout reader just like my fictional breakout characters who enjoy being naughty doing anything, anytime, and  anywhere. Oh My Freaking Stars they’re a smokin’ reckless bunch of rebels!

I’ve created an exclusive newsletter dedicated and named in honor of  my readers: It’s called Candi Silk’s Rebel Reader. Haha! That was easy; no other title would work.

Get Candi Silk's Kick-Starter Erotica Library FREE when you subscribe to Candi Silk's Rebel Reader newsletter!

And since I appreciate your loyalty as a reader, my email newsletter will be simple, direct, and usually no more than one per month, probably less. As a subscriber to Candi Silk’s Rebel Reader you'll be the first to know about new releases, pricing discounts, special offers and exclusive giveaways. I DO NOT spam and I will not share your email! You are always free to unsubscribe at anytime.

Subscribe today and get FREE, 3 of my hottest books: Naughty Dancer, Taste Me, Lust Driven, plus 5 bonus chapters from three other books. Included is a special glossary, Candi Silk’s Naughty Words. That’s enough to overheat your bedroom. (You must be 18 or older to read Candi Silk's books!)

Let’s be honest, there’s a little rebel in each of us. Let yours breakout! Subscribe today. (Shh-h-h! I promise not to tell your mother, or Aunt Matilda. It’ll be our naughty little secret.)

So, go ahead and subscribe. Let’s do it together! It’ll be as good for you as it is for me.

Uhmm…that almost sounds a bit naughty doesn’t it? Oh, yes!

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