Candi Online

Keeping things easy and simple.

My favorite place, the hub, the centerpiece of my activity online is right here on my online writing studio - A Taste of Candi. You only have to remember, and Shazam! You're here, and we can visit. No sign-ins, no hunting for passwords. Simple and sociable.

With many of the social media sites, everyone is forced to jump over multiple hurdles to register, sign-in, hunt for passwords, fight through a thicket of unwanted ads, click through other options, and the changes and privacy issues never end.

Life is simpler here on my site - A Taste of Candi. And you're welcome to visit anytime!

We can also connect online at the following:
Candi Silk's Amazon Author Page - Candi Silk's books love the Author Page and all the Rebel Readers at Amazon!
Goodreads - I'll look for you and what you're reading over there!
Google+ - Let's find each other on the Big G+.
Facebook - I'll expect to hear from you on FB!
Twitter - Keep me posted on what you're up to!