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 The scorching sequel to The Naughty Wife. Annie Robinson continues on her journey, exploring her wildest fantasies with her husband's approval. Whew! Hot!

Of course you wouldn't dare do it. But Annie Robinson dared herself to go from ordinary good wife, mother, business executive woman, neighbor, to The Naughty Wife. Blazing fantasies come to life!

They knew the town would talk; an older woman, The Aroused MILF, and a younger man. But their relationship was bound to erupt into passionate emotions that had been breeding and simmering for years.

Heat flooded through Nicole, as she imagined another man doing naughty things to her. She and her husband Drew were about to become a Hot Couple.

"Taste me, Jonah...all over." Karla's invitation to "taste me" was a delicious temptation for Jonah. Will one serving of Taste Me be enough for him? And what about you? (Taste Me is FREE worldwide!)

What two explosive emotions turned Marla into a Lust Driven woman? You've got the same emotions. In an instant, you, too could be lust driven. Oooo, naughty thought!

Nicole and Drew, and Michelle and Jess had moved to the next level of intense intimacy and lust. Sensuous excitement had never been higher. Swap Me was their unwritten motto.

As the Night Rogue whispered, excitement and fear prickled through Victoria. She was aroused and tempted by dangerous desires. What will you do when the Night Rogue comes to your bedroom and whispers?

Marla couldn't get enough in Lust Driven. She's back with Sherrie, Jan, and of course that handsome Ray who can't get enough of the three passion-filled women. All four want satisfaction, and in a night laced with dripping sensuality, they are Thrill Driven to try it all.

Find Me had been one unknown man's mission for years. It also became the destiny of Destiny James as she discovered the man on an unstoppable mission to claim her. Blazing sensuous suspense!