Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's 4:13 a.m. Where have you been, Mrs Robinson?

"I'll tell everything on May 1, 2015."

Annie Robinson was an ordinary woman, wife, mother, business executive, and could easily be your neighbor next door. But one morning she felt ordinary wasn’t working for her any longer. And then there was the reality of soon turning the big four-oh, 40, fast approaching on a runaway calendar. She was no where near the change of life for a woman, but she wanted a change in life. She made a small decision; something shifted; desires swirled, passions sparked.

But she wasn’t sure what to do with her restless feelings until a few risky events collided and her long-hidden inhibited desires and fantasies unwound, igniting fires of uncontrolled passions, needs and wants. Fantasies of romantic erotica she’d never had before: Did she want to be a cheating wife? If her husband watched her with another man, could they face each other? Or would it fuel their sexual fantasies to wife watch and wife share? Just how far were they willing to go?

After reading The Naughty Wife, husbands and wives will never view each other as ordinary again. Blazing heat at full-throttle! High-octane romantic erotica. Enjoy!

The Naughty Wife launches May 1, 2015!