Friday, June 27, 2014

Karena Marie - Five-Star Author

The Happy Spinster drips with pulse-quickening pleasure!

Tawny Hudson is a dangerous but exciting woman. Why? Because she’s at that cusp in a woman’s life that’s tantalizingly risky. Risky for herself, and those around her. Tawny is in her early forties, single, and successful by any standards. She’s in that age-zone of having wisdom from past experiences, but still blossoming into full blown maturity with an unleashed eagerness to try new adventures. So anyone hooking up with her exposes themselves to high-risk involvement. Tawny exudes reckless fun. Could be over-the-edge interesting.

And author, Karena Marie, makes it so, as auburn-haired Tawny Hudson from Montreal meets smoky green-eyed Troy from Texas. Sparks fly wildly, and both have their hands full. Literally. As the story unfolds, the full flavor of past hurts and happiness in the background of The Happy Spinster begin to play out. The author knows just how to pull the reader along on Tawny Hudson’s nocturnal adventures. But the stakes increase as the self-assured Tawny is tempted by equally self-assured Troy from Texas. I felt the tangle of temptations as I turned the pages.

The author writes with a direct, crisp, style that reflects the determined nature of the protagonist. This is not an ambivalent story, but one that’s on a direct course of pleasure-seeking. And as a reader, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the heat-filled encounters of Tawny and Troy. Umm, being in the middle can be exciting!

The Happy Spinster is a character-driven tale that is easily carried by protagonist, Tawny Hudson. From page one her confidence moves her on a direct course, heading for exactly what she wants, when she wants it, and from whom. Not an ounce of bashfulness can be found in Tawny’s hungry body or her seductive words. She is very much a woman who’s in control, holding equally “her liquor, and her licker.”

Although Tawny and Troy have different cultural and motivational origins, they find an intensely sensuous playground on which to tangle. Both sense a deeper fulfillment, but neither knows just how far and how much they’ll have to give in order to get their final satisfactions. As physical passions sizzle, both Tawny and Troy are challenged by the yonder horizon of the future. As a reader, I like a story spiced with that kind of suspense.

The author has primed her first book with a number of possibilities, and it looks as though Tawny Hudson has some stimulating experiences in store as The Happy Spinster series continues. Tawny has demonstrated that she’s ready, willing, and open—in a number of ways—for fulfillment of her desires and wants, and apology is not a word in her vocabulary. She’d pass as an innocent spinster in your neighborhood, but when night shadows fall, she’s on the prowl and all options are on the table. Uh…let’s make that, all options are on the bed. Never underestimate a woman full of passion, entering the gateway to her forties.

By the time I finished reading the first volume, my Kindle was panting heavily, and I was too. Thanks, Ms. Marie, for an evening of Five-Star entertainment! Let your suggestive pen continue, as The Happy Spinster entertains your readers.