Friday, June 13, 2014

Gerald Greene - Five-Star Author

Gerald Greene writes with the authenticity of his service as a Vietnam War Veteran. Wars usually sprawl and scatter its spawned horrors. The author gathers with impressive skill some of those remnants of war, condensing them into Collateral Damage: Red Flag. He even manages to run the fragile thread of romance through his military thriller.

Although the author shows the reader mercy by toning down the gore of war, he plots the right amount of shocks and surprises to make a believer out of the reader that yes, a future that horrible is quite possible. New readers to military thrillers will appreciate Greene’s smoothly developed plot of events. But make no mistake, each event becomes more believable as one pages through his story.

Greene anchors the plot of CD through different first-person perspectives, which left me with an array of emotions to sort through as different individuals moved the story forward. CD is tightly written, but when I finished it, I knew CD was a lit fuse leading to the author’s other nine novels, just waiting to erupt, page by page.

Mission accomplished, Mr. Greene! Collateral Damage gave me an afternoon of Five-Star entertainment. And your Vietnam War service is greatly appreciated.