Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It’s Book Season

Since Halloween, we’ve eaten our way through different seasons of candy; Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick, and now Easter. The shelves are loaded with pastel-colored Peeps. (I wonder, do Peeps tweet?) And soon we’ll be into red, white and blue cotton candy for Memorial Day and July 4th (here in America). Amazingly, candy works its way into most of our seasons of celebration.

But books never go out of season. Every year millions of books are published in print and e-book formats. That means readers have tremendous and often overwhelming choices. But having a wealth of options isn’t a new occurrence. For most of the world, we see an abundance of choices on menus, in clothing stores, yearly car models, entertainment venues, and other areas where consumers gather.

People primarily read fiction for entertainment value, enabling a reader to escape into a world of fictional characters. When one reads, the mind engages and becomes active along with the characters and story. Words do wonderful things by eliciting flashing images in the mind of the reader. Images that touch the very essence of a reader’s experiences and feelings.

I write #erotica, flavored with naughty characters as they embrace their sexuality. I write one “shade” of erotica: Mutual Pleasure. NEVER abusive. And I have given “select” words my special meanings. In each Erotic Escapade you’ll find a copy of Candi Silk’s Wicked Words. It’ll introduce you to my “style” of erotica. And I hope my writings will bring you many entertaining images. “Oh, my yes-s-s!”

So enjoy a taste of Candi. TASTE ME is #free in all formats. Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords