Sunday, March 16, 2014

An Outstanding Memorable Read!

If you’re looking for suspense and thrills that will keep you glued to the book, then His Kidnapper’s Shoes, by Maggie James will provide it. The author writes with a persuasive pen that will pull you deep into His Kidnapper’s Shoes. This was my first time reading Ms. James; just happened to stumble across her work and lucky for me.

From the first page, the author thrusts the reader into the story. But Ms. James gives the reader a few pages with a slow simmer and there’s a good reason. As a reader you’ll need a little time to fasten your seatbelt before the rollercoaster ride of HKS takes off at full speed. Maggie James is masterful with her word choice and carefully structured descriptions of the drama unfolding page after page. Her ability to use words to uncover and paint for the reader a landscape of psychological intrigue is rare.

The challenge of untangling the various characters’ feelings and motivations, contrasted with their hopes and fears, is handled with ease by Ms. James. Even sensitive and highly emotional issues that surface in HKS are presented with perfect balance. HKS is a complete, stand-alone novel. But Ms. James does something that is often not done in novels; she leaves room at the end of HKS for the reader to ponder and wonder about some of the characters as their future might unfold. As a reader, I like that. His Kidnapper’s Shoes was a delight to read and a psychological suspense-thriller that will cling to your memory. This is definitely a premium novel! Maggie James Author Page