Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome To A Taste of Candi

Oooh…A Taste of Candi? Sounds wicked; naughty at least. And definitely personal, so come on in and enjoy a taste of Candi Silk’s writing world. Since my major goal is to write you another steamy erotic fictional story for your entertainment, I won’t be loitering or hanging out on or obsessing over the chaotic world of social media. I promise not to bore you with shrill soapbox drama. I don’t have an “axe to grind”; I have a pen that wants to write.

Yes, I’m on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and my blog, A Taste of Candi. These platforms are a convenience to connect with you, my treasured readers. It will give me a chance to hear back from you. When I visit other author’s blogs and media sites, I always enjoy readers’ comments. They often give me a fresh perspective on reading and writing.

My online presence will give me an opportunity to share a variety of “tastes” with you. And you know a taste of something is not the entire meal or menu. A “taste” is brief; not long-winded. It whets your appetite, and makes you want more. So what is A Taste of Candi? It could be early information about the next steamy story I have for you, or maybe a few quotes from one of my books, or it could be insight into a character or a theme.

I’ll share the flavorings and aromas that reveal a little of my writing style. But my focus is not me; writing you another story is. I hope you’ll visit often and share your thoughts, and tell 69 of your closest friends where they can get a “A Taste of Candi.” I may never be a famous author but you will always be the “world’s most famous reader” to me.

Whatever “tastes” you indulge in around here, I’ll try my best to make them appetizing to the point where you’ll be panting, “More, more…don’t stop, please don’t stop. Write more erotic escapade stories.”