Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Valentine's Candi

Happy Valentine’s Day! Another holiday to celebrate with candy, and I love it because that means Candi is always in season. And I want to be your go-to author when you’re in the mood for a naughty read. I hope you have big plans for the day and especially the night, so I won’t keep you.

I just wanted to offer you a free piece of Candi for Valentine’s. For a limited time, my debut Erotic Escapade, TASTE ME, is #free at all online booksellers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and their distribution channels. (With Amazon—you know the drill—you have to tell them TASTE ME is free on one of their competitor’s sites. When several people do that, Amazon will make the book free also. I would appreciate your help on this. Thanks, and for your trouble, you get a free piece of Candi. Naughty but tasty! Enjoy.