Thursday, September 18, 2014

NC Simmons - Five-Star Author

Sizzling sensuality unleashed!

NC Simmons has done it again; kept me entertained for hours. After reading her Guardian Girl, I couldn't resist the follow up, Wild Wild Wives. And they are that! Simmons allows her characters to unleash their intensely burning fleshly desires, fueling the plot, and thrusting the reader onto a roller coaster of exciting tension. Wild Wild Wives is definitely not a one-night stand. The Chronicles of Staffordshire is projected to be an1800-page epic that covers over forty years of time.

The developing interactions and relationships among the characters are spell-binding. And the author handles well the character development that swings and sways along with escalating events, and the unpredictable emotional journey that unravels. Just when you think a character has settled into control of their world, the author, confounds them with another challenge.

Simmons has taken on the mammoth task of making sense of a world immersed in the physical and sexual appetites of colorful individuals. The author’s characters are full-dimension, and I found myself sorting through their uncontrollable passions of the moment, turning pages deep into the night.

Wild Wild Wives is a stand-out novel among the intriguing world of erotica, and I found the author's approach to be refreshing and entertaining. Wild Wild Wives, is as wild as the title indicates, and is dripping with unbridled sexual passions. With Guardian Girl and Wild Wild Wives, the author has thrown out a developing thread that appears to be leading to a path not usually taken by this genre. And that’s good news and enticing. But I’ve learned one cannot out guess NC Simmons’s work, especially when her unruly characters are at play. Makes me eager to catch the next volume.

Wild Wild Wives is a wild and impressive read. I easily give this book a Five-Star review! Thanks again, Ms. Simmons!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Michael W. Smart - Five-Star Author

An addictive spine-chilling, suspense-filled mystery!

Deadeye by Michael W. Smart is a clear cut mystery led by a strong woman sleuth, and loaded with escalating suspense. Deadeye is “smart” writing filled with excellent narration, meaningful dialogue, and a delightful and detailed setting to carry the fast-moving plot.

But just as the reader is lulled into thinking things are going to get cozy and comfortable in the laid-back Caribbean setting, the tentacles of mystery reach through, pulling you deeper into international intrigue as a couple of seemingly isolated crimes lead to the major involvement of parties in high places, rattling alliances and allegiances along the way.

Smart demonstrates his writing talent through well-crafted characters immersed in maturity and plenty of mystery. Characters whose lives are tossed about in the stormy sea of humanity and human behavior. For instance, the mysterious unknowns of Nicholas Gage speak as loudly as the knowns. There is a hidden mystique about him. No wonder the female protagonist, Jo or JJ, has such a burning desire for him. Their intimate relationship is delicately balanced with fervor and class, by the author. Supterintendent Johanssen of the CID, affectionately JJ, and Gage’s relationship is mature and reliable as the seas they sail.

The reader will find a bit of humor along the way but nothing silly, just good sharp wit. If you’ve never visited the Caribbean Islands or the Grenadines, don’t worry. After reading Deadeye, you’ll feel like you’ve been there. Smart is that good in painting and flavoring the setting and story with his selected word choice. The author even includes a couple of maps in the front of his book. That sure beats looking for the proverbial landmarks such as the weathered barn or the creaking wharf in finding your way through Deadeye. Overall, Deadeye gives the reader the feeling of being immersed in a realistic, grownup world, but surrounded by this expanding spine-chilling mystery that won’t go away until solved.

Deadeye has earned its place on my bookshelf, and stands tall among the Chandlers, MacDonalds, Flemings, and others. It’s no mystery to me how easily Michael W. Smart’s Deadeye gets a Five Star review from me. A terrific read, Mr. Smart!